Kitchen Tip #12 Pastry Quantities



My success with pastry has been wildly varied: from an unmitigated disaster to an absolute triumph. Pastry does take time; with all the sifting, chilling, rolling, chilling again I cannot deny that I, and very many sane people I know, often buy the ready made version. These are often incredibly good, as long as you go for the all- butter ones. If you ever do have the time, or indeed inclination, home made pastry can be wonderful. Making your own gives you incredible flexibility in what you can add to the mixture such as herbs, lemon or even chocolate.

What I find incredibly annoying is when a recipe specifies a certain size of tart tin and you can guarantee it’s a size you do not have. As baking is so exact, it’s always a risk to deviate from the recipe and expensive to buy more tart tins.

I know most if us work in metric now, but this is a good tip to determine the amount if pastry needed to line a specific size of tart tin.

The general rule is to subtract 2 from the diameter of the tart tin as it is measured in inches. This number will tell you the amount of flour you need to use in ounces. For example a 6 inch (15cm) tart tin will require a pastry recipe using 4oz of flour (115g) or an 8 inch (20cm) tin will need 6oz (170g) flour and so on.

I realise this means converting ounces into grams, so below is conversion table. Hopefully, it will save you from mental arithmetic induced headache.

Weight Conversion Table

Weight Conversion Table


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