Kitchen Tip #8 How to Mix Icing Sugar

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid Mixer

The title of this should be  ‘How to Mix Icing Sugar Without making your Kitchen Look Like Miss Haversham’s’, but it was a little long-winded!

When I first got my Kitchen Aid I  quickly realised that when adding icing sugar to the bowl with a moving whisk in it was likely to make my entire kitchen look like an unexpected frost had crept over everything-as the whisk moves, the sugar acts like a fine dust which just goes everywhere! You will still be finding it days later in places like under the microwave, which is on the opposite side of the kitchen. I know this is the case with electric mixers in general, but there is a solution.

Firstly, never add the icing sugar when the whisk is in motion; that way only pain and much wiping down lies. When you have added the icing sugar-simply cover the whole mixer and bowl with a large, clean tea towel and start the mixer up again on the slowest setting. There is something a bit disconcerting about not being able to see your mixture as the machine ploughs on, but rest assured, it is easier than the alternative! After a moment, tentatively check underneath to see if the icing sugar has combined and if so, proceed as usual.

One more thing, make sure you wash the tea towel afterwards. I forgot once and wondered why all my wine glasses tasted like candyfloss.


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