Kitchen Tip #6 Soggy Bottom Saviours

A good pie is a thing of beauty; a delicate ratio of crumbly, crisp pastry with an unctuous filling. Soggy pie bottoms are a disappointment for both the cook and the consumer. When a recipe does not call for blind baking, the easiest and most effective thing you can do to is to use an enamel pie dish, which is a steel dish with a layer of porcelain on top. The way this metal conducts the heat will do a much better job in cooking a crisp pie base than china, porcelain or even cast iron. They also will never break if you tend to drop hot things in the kitchen.

My favourite is Falcon which are cheap and have a fantastic retro look. They are an English company but ship worldwide.
If you also place a metal baking tray under your dish, you should get a crisp bottom every time someone is lucky enough for you to make them a pie.


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