Kitchen Tip #5 Springform Tin Trick

After nearly dissolving into tears at yet another failed attempt to extract a cheesecake with it’s base intact from a springform tin- I thought there had to be an easier way to do things.
The problem is the lip around the base of all such tins- if you are making a cake and line with baking parchment, that’s fine as you can tip the cake upside down to peel the paper off. You can’t do that with a cheesecake, or any more delicate bake.
The answer is so simple I have been kicking myself for not thinking of it before. All you need to do it turn the base of your tin upside down and close the tin as normal. It will still fit just as tight but will give you a totally flat surface to slide your bake from when you release the outside of the tin! No lip, no problem and definately no tears!


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