Kitchen Tip #4 Frozen Eggs


Using eggs whites or yolks for a recipe is all very well but most people throw away the part that’s not in the recipe- it’s such a waste.
After speaking to various friends, it seems that not many people know you can actually freeze eggs. Small sealable good bags are the best things to use, but make sure you write on the bag how many you have in there!

Egg yolks need to be broken up, just whisked up slightly. You must also add a pinch of salt to stop them turning jelly-like when they defrost. These will keep for a couple of months or so. Egg whites do not need to be mixed- they will happily sit for 3-6 months or so in the freezer. In fact, due to the changes in the proteins when they freeze, defrosted egg whites end up making the stiffest and best meringues.


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